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Oscars® Viewing Party: Party Recap (with Menu Details and Pictures!)

The Oscars party went off without a hitch! I think everyone really enjoyed themselves, especially the food and drink, since there was definitely not much to pack away by the time the party was over and the guests were all gone by 12:30 am. The menu contained a nice mix of homemade and store-bought stuff to make things easy. I prepped a lot of the homemade items in advance for quick and effective cooking or set-up by the time the guests came for the party. Without further ado, though, here's the ... Continue Reading

Oscars® Viewing Party: Gold and Black and Stars All Over

With less than two weeks away from the party, the preparation is coming along very well. The decorations, activities, and room set-up decisions have been made, and I have plenty of ideas for snacks and drinks that I am still working to narrow down. I already know that I will definitely focus on pitcher cocktails (so nobody -- i.e., me -- has to play bartender all night) and small bites/appetizers, with maybe a simple dessert thrown in at the end. Going back to the decorations for a minute, I ... Continue Reading

Oscars® Viewing Party: Deciding on Decorations and Activities

In preparing for my upcoming Oscars® viewing party at the end of this month, I thought it would be a good idea to get some of the fundamental and easier things out of the way: deciding on how to set up the rooms, how to decorate them, and what activities we will have (after all, someone's acceptance speech is bound to run too long and I wouldn't want everyone to get bored...) The Room Setup The dining room in our house isn't very big at all, but the kitchen and living room areas are relatively ... Continue Reading

Lights, Camera, Party! My Upcoming Oscars® Viewing Party

So, I originally planned on doing a recap of the Superbowl Ads this week. Since I didn't particularly enjoy many of the ads this year and everybody else is probably beating that dead horse, anyway, I am pleased to say that I have some other exciting news to share. A few years back, I joined HouseParty.com, a website where you can sign-up to host parties sponsored by well-known brands. Past parties have included the likes of trying out the new Keurig brewer, cheering on the puppies in the Puppy ... Continue Reading