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On Pinterest: Turkey Day

The quintessential holiday for eating in the U.S. is upon us, folks. Thanksgiving. This year, my immediate family and I will be celebrating on the weekend, since we all have other plans for today. That certainly doesn't stop me from discussing my menu, though, as I've only been thinking and dreaming about what I'm going to make for the past few weeks... ;) *cue melodic, daydreamy music* Appetizers-- on most holidays, it seems like everyone skips breakfast and lunch so they can eat extra of the ... Continue Reading

Party Time!: Country-inspired Birthday

Last weekend, I helped my friend Dawn cook for her mom's surprise 60th birthday party. The theme was country-inspired -- bandannas, plaid shirts, jeans... -- so, of course, the menu had to include a lot of comfort foods. She picked out a lot of great things that and, with the help of friends and relatives, we were pretty efficient with serving the courses on time. The food was plenty enough to feed about 30 people, with leftovers, and from what she told me she was able to keep the whole thing under ... Continue Reading