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Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

I ranted a while ago on my personal Facebook page about Fifty Shades of Grey. I noted that it wasn't the sex scenes, rape undertones, or flawed nuances of a BDSM relationship that bothered me after becoming aware and attempting (read: struggling and failing) to read the first book in the series. I know that I am probably in the minority on that front, since many have been up-in-arms over those things since the book debuted a few years ago and the discussion has only rekindled with the launch of the ... Continue Reading

Review: The Hills Have Eyes 2

Last night while my parents and I were watching TV, my dad accidentally clicked the button on the changer to order The Hills Have Eyes 2. I wanted to see this movie, but I had not yet seen the first one and neither had my parents. It was not that difficult to follow even though none of us had seen the first one, though, being a silly horror movie... The film opened up with a woman giving birth to a still-born child and a mutated man helping -- and I use that term loosely -- her deliver. Exactly ... Continue Reading

Review: Disturbia

As always, I will try my best to speak in general terms about the movie, but there might be some accidental spoilers, so please read with caution. On Friday night, Josh and I watched Disturbia. The concept seemed cool -- a potential serial killer living next-door to this kid, who was under house-arrest for three months and spying on his neighbors to pass the time -- but I was a little reluctant to continue watching the movie after the first ten minutes... and not because it was scary (it took ... Continue Reading

Review: No Reservations

On Wednesday, Josh and I went to The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley to walk around and ended up going to the movies to see No Reservations. We both wanted to see it for the longest time and, overall, we both enjoyed it, although parts were sappy. Catharine Zeta Jones played Kate, a cold-hard bitch of a head chef at a sophisticated restaurant in New York City. After an accident which claimed the life of Kate's sister, Kate became the caretaker of her niece, Zoe, and discovered how clueless she ... Continue Reading