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The Weekly Musing #11: Results

After an awful track record of 11 posts over the last 4-5 years, with the last post over two years ago, something struck me to write and reply to another The Weekly Musing last week. So, clearly, I could use some help with topic ideas and posting regularity, so please feel free to reach out with your suggestions. Use the subject "The Weekly Musing" when sending me your feedback. The Weekly Musing #11 In dealing with some projects at work and school over the past couple of weeks, I have been ... Continue Reading

The Weekly Musing #11

Two years -- I repeat, TWO YEARS -- since the last Weekly Musing was posted, and only eleven in a matter of 4-5 years. Wow. What an awful track record we have going here. So if after all this time you don't know what The Weekly Musing is, really, who can blame you? Refresh your memory by clicking here. Is the future grim, as far as posting regularity is concerned? Probably, but what the hell. Let's get things started... again. The Weekly Musing #11 In dealing with some projects at ... Continue Reading

The Queen’s Meme #120

1. If you could have a robot that could perform any task at your disposal for a week, what would you have the robot do for you? That's a tough one. I would have to go with re-organize everything in the kitchen. It's a pain to find spots for all of my kitchen appliances and when I do they never seem to get back where they belong. It is not only kitchen appliances -- I have the same, or perhaps a bigger problem, with Tupperware containers, too. Having the kitchen robot re-organize and label everything ... Continue Reading

The Weekly Musing #10: Results

It's been awhile, but I didn't forget... Ok. I did. *slap on the wrist* In the spirit of following up on the last WM, posted well over a year ago (eek!), here are my results with the questions, since I'm sure everyone forgot what they were! The Weekly Musing #10 Are you taking a vacation this summer? If so, where are you going? If not, where would you like to go? As mentioned previously, I like taking day trips because it is a great opportunity to visit a few different places instead ... Continue Reading

The Weekly Musing #10

It's been almost a year since a new TWM was posted on this site, so I'm bringing it back. New questions will be posted any time during the week, not just on Sunday, and I will try to give a day or two notice before posting a new set of questions. Please comment if you answer any TWM questions on your blog. If you don't know what The Weekly Musing is, feel free to check out a brief description of what it's about by clicking here. Otherwise, let's get things started... The Weekly Musing #10 ... Continue Reading