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Meal Prep Made Easy

In my last post, I mentioned that I have been commuting quite a bit nowadays for a new opportunity. Part of the reason why waking up at 5:30 am is, let’s say, less painful (although, still not my preference) is because of getting back into the good habits of planning in advance. The minutes spent figuring out what to wear in the morning are gone, thanks to hanging up my outfits for the week in a designated spot of my closet (accessories included) so I can grab, wear, and go. Likewise, the scramble ... Continue Reading

Setting up Google Reader

How do you manage what blogs and websites you read on a daily basis? I remember bookmarking a lot of personal websites and blogs back in the day and setting up folders for "dailies" and other resources. While RSS feeds and social bookmarking have become increasingly popular in recent years, for me they never fully replaced my "old" methods and habits of saving bookmarks in my browser. Google Reader is a tool that I've been using a lot at work, and it has (finally) started to streamline my process ... Continue Reading

Kitchen Tips: Spicing Up Chinese Takeout

Hey everyone. I thought I'd share some food tips for jazzing up bland Chinese takeout and making Asian-style meals at home. I was inspired to write this because the other night I came home from school around 8:00pm and didn't feel like cooking- it was just too long of a day. I saw some leftover shrimp lo mein in the fridge that we got from a local Chinese restaurant the other night, but it really lacked flavor. I thought about ways to make it better, so it was actually enjoyable to eat, then the ... Continue Reading