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Coming Soon: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

You know people like to suggest that the book is usually better than the movie interpretation of it? I don't think that is always the case. I enjoyed reading Fight Club as much as I enjoyed seeing the movie, and the same goes for Silence of the Lambs. It comes down to the overall abilities of the director to interpret a story from one medium to another, which isn't easy when you consider how much detail a book can offer versus a two hour long movie. It's an admirable talent. Maybe I didn't give ... Continue Reading

So, about NIN live…

What more can I say about seeing NIN live that I haven't said other times before? I can try my hardest to express something cohesive and intelligent without totally losing my composure and blabbing about how Trent and I will run away in another lifetime and live happily ever after on a desert island... But maybe a little fangirling is necessary. Just a little, I promise, then I am done. I swear. :wink: < begin fangirling / > Trent was sporting a short hairdo and some stubble, like he ... Continue Reading