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Off to New Orleans!

At the end of this week, I will be getting on a plane to make my way to New Orleans for the Verint Driving Innovation users conference in New Orleans, LA. This conference is for users of the Verint/Vovici voice of the customer (VOC) software, which I helped implement at work and received training on last year. My focus at this conference is going to be to learn more about VOC best practices, since it is a new venture at work and we have struggled with the basics like integrating structured and ... Continue Reading

BRC Internship: Week 2

This week was busy, so I didn't get the chance to post daily about what was going on at my internship. I'll do a recap now about it... Monday On Monday, I sat down with Brad and Tom to talk about what we have been working on recently. I updated the guys on what I did with the blogger follow-up at the end of last week. I told them how I found the folder and saw that nobody followed-up with the people that we sent samples to, and proceeded to log the information in a spreadsheet and create personalized ... Continue Reading

BRC Internship: Day 5

I came in at 8:00am today to find that the door was locked and nobody was in the office part of the building. Hmmm... I went around back to find that, thankfully, the back door was open and there were people working in the back. It was the best day of the week! I was by myself until about 10:30am or 11:30am, very peaceful, and managed to get quite a few things done. As always, I cleaned up the Facebook and Twitter pages, gave Facebook fans happy birthday wishes, and posted some updates on both ... Continue Reading

BRC Internship: Day 4

Tom, the person I normally work with on marketing, was out again today; he must have taken the day to recuperate after not feeling well yesterday, and rightfully so. I was working with Deb again, helping her with phone calls to update clients' contact information and check on their store inventory of our chips. I was told by one client that the chips didn't sell well at all and they ended up putting the last batch they ordered in the clearance bin. He was very nice about it, but they probably won't ... Continue Reading

BRC Internship: Day 3

Today was a productive day even though the person I generally work with was out; he came in this morning and was having this weird allergic reaction, so he left after an hour or two to go to the doctor. As far as I know, he is doing okay, so hopefully he'll be back tomorrow. Before he left, he showed me how to put together the sample boxes that we send out to bloggers, webmasters, potential clients, celebrities, etc. Yes, celebrities. I was sitting at my station when I noticed a box on the desk ... Continue Reading